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25th March 2017. Michael Kewley

We do not practice meditation to escape the world. We practice meditation to embrace the world, our world, with its fears, anxieties and endless difficulties. By embracing and understanding them for what they really are, we see that they are no longer disturbing ghosts from the past, but only old friends coming to visit us.
Our freedom comes in the realisation that in every instance these thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions, only ever have the power that we give them, and if we don't invite them to stay or don't attempt to push them away, they will leave by themselves, never to return.
In Buddhist teaching this beautiful process is called the Visudhimagga, the Path of Purification. To gently, lovingly and graciously let go of the conditions of our unhappiness.
Open your heart and accept the conditions of mind. Once you don't mind what the mind presents you are free.
The world is not the problem it's only your relationship to it that creates the suffering.
May all beings be happy.


Michael Kewley - Dhammachariya Pannadipa.
A simple Dhamma Bhikkhu.
Three minute biography.

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May all beings be happy.