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21st August 2017. Michael Kewley

Don't think that awakening is easy – it's not.
It's simple, but never easy because awakening is always an unlearning process, to let go and let go and let go until there is nothing more to let go of.
This is the Path to complete liberation from our unhappiness, but who is really prepared to do this? To become a beautiful nobody.
The heart seeks nothing, whilst the head wants everything.
The heart says 'leave me alone in my beauty' whilst the head shouts 'I know, I have ideas, I have understood everything!'
We must realise that 'Master' exists only in the mind of the disciple, it does not exist in the mind of the Master.
For him or her there is no more attachment or identification as being someone or something existing in time and space, only the transcendent flowingness with life.

May all beings be happy.












Michael Kewley - Dhammachariya Pannadipa.
A simple Dhamma Bhikkhu.
Three minute biography.

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May all beings be happy.