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22nd April 2018. Michael Kewley

Even if I encourage my disciples not to eat meat outside a retreat environment (and actually to be vegan) I cannot be responsible for their actions. For myself, I neither kill nor encourage others to kill. The rest I have to accept with a compassion for all beings, not only the animals that are killed and exploited, but for those unfortunate beings that have not understood 'oneness' yet.
The smiling pig on the publicity for bacon, or the happy cow for milk and burgers, or the chicken for her eggs and Sunday lunches, are not the reality.
Before any of these things arrive on your plate they are treated cruely and brutally by an industry that has no heart. How can it, when pain and suffering are thought to be perfectly acceptable to make a profit?
And religious killing is not better. Whatever your reasoning and motivation, with all your prayers and chanting, an innocent animal lies dead at your feet.
All beings love their life as you love yours. Comprehend that at the intuitive level of mind and you will have attained 'oneness'.
Now your own life will be experienced in a different way. You will feel yourself to be a part of the universe that you exist in rather than outside, fearful and controlling. You will be one with everything and on the path of awakening, nothing is greater than this.
These are my thoughts.
May all beings be happy.




Radio Interview


On 1st December 2017 Michael appeared on Manx Radio as an invited guest to promote his autobiography, A Journey to Awakening. The interview lasted one hour and included five songs significant to his life story. Below are the links to the full interview, a short video extract and the twelve minute podcast.


http://bit.ly/2AIhL2g (Full interview)


http://www.manxradio.com/portal/entertainment/2017/women-today-dhamma-master-michael-kewley/ (Two minute video)