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21st January 2018. Michael Kewley

Respect for yourself and all other beings.
Integrity and courage to stay true to our path.
Truth above convenience, career and personal advancement.
Love manifesting in all situations at all times, beginning with ourselves and radiating outwards into the universe
These are the things with value.
The rest are just ideas and noises in an empty room, sometimes deafening in their impact on the sensitive part of us, but empty of truth and true love.
Whoever we are, we are always alone in our life always meet the consequence of the mind states we empower.
The secret to happiness is simple; live with love and be aware and share the best and most honerable part of ourselves with all beings.

May all beings be happy




Radio Interview


On 1st December Michael appeared on Manx Radio as an invited guest to promote his autobiography, A Journey to Awakening. The interview lasted one hour and included five songs significant to his life story. Below are the links to the full interview, a short video extract and the twelve minute podcast.


http://bit.ly/2AIhL2g (Full interview)


http://www.manxradio.com/portal/entertainment/2017/women-today-dhamma-master-michael-kewley/ (Two minute video)

http://bit.ly/2AYgQu1  (Ten minute podcast recorded after the full interview,) 


http://www.manxradio.com/portal/entertainment/2017/women-today-dhamma-master-michael-kewley/ (Two minute video)