Higher than Happiness
A collection of thirteen short Dhamma Talks.

Meditation teachings written with a warmth and clarity that makes them easy to understand. Everyday life situations are used to deepen our understanding of the art of mindful living.
"The goal of spiritual pursuit is wisdom, the arising of insight, and the ability to live peacefully in the world, whatever circumstances present themselves. Attempting to create only preconceived conditions for spiritual development is doomed to failure, and can only result in frustration and disappointment. If spiritual practice is to have any real and lasting value, it must include everything, every aspect of life. As our understanding deepens we can see that nothing is outside Dhamma, all the good things and all the bad. We don`t need to get rid of all our possessions, but we do need to examine our attachment to them. We don`t need to get rid of our family and friends, but we do need to understand our resentment towards them. With the arising of wisdom we can recognise that all the things we thought were obstacles to personal development are in fact, the very things that will lead us to it." Michael Kewley.

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