Not This, and other teachings from the Spiritual Heart
(This book has now been re-issued with new stories and anecdotes.)
More beautiful Dhamma Talks to rouse the heart and inspire the spirit.

A disciple went to his master one day and asked, What am I? The master answered, Not this. On hearing those words the disciple was enlightened.
The author of this book is a respected teacher of Vipassana meditation. He writes with simplicity and practicality on what is truth, pursuit of the spiritual life, and meditation and insight, illustrating his themes with stories and humour.
Enlightenment is not in some special time or place. It is right here with us, right now. All we have to do is turn to it. To be it. It is not about creating special qualities and gaining something magical. It is about allowing the beautiful qualities we already have to come forth, and not permit ego and conceit to stand in their way. And so I don`t say develop love, I say be loving. I don`t say develop compassion, I say be compassionate. I don`t say develop wisdom, I say be wise. Everything you want you already have. There is nothing to get, only that which can be realised. Treasures are rare and precious. You yourself are a treasure house filled with the most beautiful things. Open your own treasure house and use those treasures. Be happy - now. Michael Kewley.

Published by Pannadipa Books, ISBN 978-1-899417-15-5
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