Hatred is never overcome by more hatred.
Only love can overcome hatred.
This is an eternal law.
Dhammapada verse 5

The cultivation of fear.

Don't be mistaken and don't be misled by what the media presents as reality, love is everywhere.
People helping and serving the world for no reason other than they can. Caring and sharing what they have, not only in emergencies but in every aspect of their ordinary daily life.
I live in France, and if someone helps me and I thank them their usual response is 'c'est normal' - what else should I do? Which culture is not like this?
So the problem is not lack of love, it is the cultivation of fear.
Fear appears as your friend, but truly is your greatest enemy, full of lies and misinformation. You think it will help you in your life, but it is always a tool used against you. No matter how intelligent you are, you become the victim to imagination and worse, the manipulations of those who wish to use you for their own ends.
Left by yourself, who do you want to kill?
Left by yourself, who do you hate?
Left by yourself, whose country do you want to invade?
Love is our strength and fear our weakness.
Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, terrorists, are not born, they are made. Conditioned and programmed by others. At some point we need to ask why, and and some point we need to stop feeding the machine that encourages discrimination and mistrust.
The Buddha reminds us that we should 'make ourselves and island that no flood can sweep away.' To be strong in love and trust our heart rather than what is presented as truth by those with their own agenda.
There have always been beings living amongst us who are filled with love so that just their very presence is a gift to the world, and there have always been others, greedy and manipulative who want to control and conquer. Our only choice is which path do we follow, the path of love or the path of hatred.
For every one person that hates, there are a million that care.

May all beings everywhere and in all situations be well and happy.


India 2015
(This message was written and posted on Facebook the day following the incident)
Not getting what we want.

Awakened or not, we still meet the impersonality of life.
Yesterday, having endured bad weather conditions and cancelled flights, re-routings to different airports to finally arrive in Amsterdam minutes before boarding my flight to New Delhi, I was told that my visa was not valid!
I (and a whole group of Indian men desperately trying to convince the Dutch customs officer that she was mistaken) eventually had to accept that whatever I believed rightly or wrongly, I was powerless in this situation.
I was already exhausted from the eight hours travelling and constant mix ups. Now I had to let go of India, and accept the reality that it was not possible for me to travel to this country I love.
So, more negotiations (even my passport scrupulously examined) and finally a friendly member of KLM. staff to send me home to France.
So here I am again, with my wife and cat, in good company and simply being with life.
We only suffer when we don't get what we want and so not being able to accept peacefully the things we cannot control leads to unhappiness.
The truth is that we have to flow with life to be happy, and life is not about you, you only make it about you.
I thank everyone for their good wishes, and please don't feel sorry for me. I'm not suffering.
Sometimes we get what we want, and that's good.
Sometimes we don't get what we want, but that's O.K. it's only life being impersonal.
Sometimes we get what we don't want, but that's O.K. too, because we are adults living in the world.
This is the way of things.

May all beings be happy.


A monk arrived at a monastery and asked the Master to teach him. “Have you eaten your meal?” asked the Master. “Yes I have.” answered the monk. “Then wash your bowl” continued the Master. With these words the monk was awakened.

Dhamma quotation:

The Buddha that we meet is the Buddha we carry in our heart
(From Buttons in the Dana box - Michael Kewley / Published by Pannadipa books)