With the advent of modern technology we are able to offer live Dhamma Talks from our meditation hall here in our village in France, via Skype or Facetime
Our intention here is to make Dhamma available to all, to share the love and wisdom that is Dhamma, so that all beings may benefit.
We are happy to propose many opportunities to share Dhamma together, on this page we present the Four part beginners course of Vipassana and Loving Kindness meditation.

Four part beginners course
Part 1. Anapansati - focusing the mind
Part 2. Vipassana - seeing things as they really are
Part 3. Metta Bhavana - the meditation of loving kindness
Part 4. Metta Bhavana (2) - love for all beings

An optional extra three lessons are offered as the continuation of this course:
Part 1. Our place in the world
Part 2. Not body, not mind
Part 3. Ego

The course can then continue further with three more lessons :
Part 4. The reality of Kamma (part 1.)
Part 5. The reality of Kamma (part 2.)
Part 6. Maranusati – the awareness of death meditation

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for the Beginners course, click Here