PureDhamma Frankfurt 2021

Kamma Seminar
1st - 3rd October
(in English without translation)

Friday 1st: 19H - 21H
Saturday 2nd: 10H - 17H
Sunday 3rd: 10H - 17H

A weekend to explore and understand the truth of Kamma, the invisible force that directs our life.
From our own personal Kamma, to supportive Kamma, rebirth and finally liberation from the cause of our suffering.

Kamma (Karma in Sanskrit) is a reality, a universal truth in our lives.
It is the unseen force that directs us in every moment.
Therefore it is essential to know, understand and harmonise with the profound truth of kamma, for our lasting peace and happiness.
To understand life, we must understand the mind.
To understand the mind, we must understand Kamma.
This is the way of Dhamma.

Go deep in your understanding:
If you don't know what forms the waves how will you ever understand the ocean?
May all beings be happy.

For registration, and all details of venue, price and sharing of vegan food, please contact:
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